Why MiniCat GUPPY?

Want to take your own small sailing catamaran on holidays? Want to have some fun sailing at the weekend, but don't have space for your own boat?

Searching for a light portable sailboat that is no hassle to transport, fast to assemble, easy to handle, looks great and you can afford it?

Search no more - you found it! It's called GUPPY and it's just few clicks away.

From being stored in your cupboard or garage just load it in the car and go. One bag weighing just 29 kg, assembled in 10 mins - that's GUPPY, the unique portable sailboat.

With excellent sailing characteristics and simple control, GUPPY is the best small sailboat for beginners or those sailors who want quick and easy assembly without hassle.

  • Fits in 1 bag, 29 kg
  • Assembled in 10 mins
  • No tools required
  • No license needed
  • Practical as a tender dinghy
  • No need for a trailer
  • 24-month product warranty
  • 7-year boat-skin warranty
  • Great accessories available

  • 3-pcs flexible composite mast

  • No anchoring lines

  • Main sail 4.5 m2 from Dacron 

  • Frame permanently attached to floats & trampoline

  • Short black keel fins made of recycled plastic

  • Trampoline 1600 x 1450mm fixed with special handles

Storage Solution

After a fun day sailing you simply pack it away in a bag, store the boat bag in your cupboard or under the bed and next weekend you take it out again.

No charges for boat storage or mooring, no worries that someone is going to steal it. To own this sailing boat is a pure joy with no stress or extra costs

Transport Solution

The beauty of owning GUPPY  is that you don't need a trailer to transport it. This fantastic portable sailing catamaran is stored in a single bag that fit perfectly in any personal car or a van.

And if you are flying somewhere nice for holidays just take it on the plane and check it in as a sport equipment.

For Campers & Yachts

Keep GUPPY stowed below decks and use it whenever you fancy! It is a fantastic addition to your portfolio of water toys on board.

Guppy can even be used as a tender by dropping the mast & sail, adding the optional engine mount and using a small electric outboard - a tender that fits in your lockers? How cool is that?